(Curriculum is enhanced with American Sign Language)





I.         All About Me

     A.       Getting to know me

     B.       My body

               1.        Movement and exercise

               2.       Clothing

     C.       My five senses

               1.        Sight, smell, taste, touch and hear

     D.       Self-esteem

II.       Fall Season

III.      Holidays

A.           Labor Day – first Monday of month (closed)

B.           Grandparents’ Day – second Sunday of month

C.           Mexican Independence Day – September 15 and 16

D.           Citizenship Day – September 17

E.           Native American Day – fourth Friday in September

F.           Johnny Appleseed Day – September 26

G.           Mid-Autumn or Harvest Festival (Asian) – 15th day of eighth lunar month

H.           Rosh Hashana / Yom Kippur (Jewish) – September or October

IV.        Basics

     A.       Colors: brown and tan

     B.       Shapes: circle

     C.       Letters: Aa and Bb




I.       My family

     A.       Mom, Dad, guardian/caregiver, brothers & sisters.

     B.       Grandparents, uncles, aunts & cousins

     C.       My friends

II.     Holidays

A.           Christopher Columbus – October 12

B.           United Nations Day – October 24

C.           Halloween – October 31

III.       Basics

A.        Colors: orange and black

B.         Shape: triangle

C.         Letters: Cc and Dd





I.      Where I live

     A.       My house, apartment, etc.

               1.        My room

     B.       My community

               1.        The street where I live

               2.       My neighbors

               3.       My school

               4.       Community workers

II.     Holidays

A.           Veteran’s Day – November 11

B.           Thanksgiving – fourth Thursday of month (closed & day after)

1.            Native Americans

2.           Pilgrims

III.              Basics

A.           Colors: brown and yellow

B.           Shape: oval

C.           Letters: Ee and Ff

D.           Numbers: 1 and 2




I.       Our environment & nature

     A.       Keeping it clean

     B.       Recycling

II.     Winter Season – winter solstice – December 21 or 22

III.   Holidays

     A.       Christmas – December 25 (closed through December 31)

               1.        Christmas gifts

     B.       Hanukkah

     C.       Kwanzaa – begins December 26

IV.     Basics

A.           Colors: red and green

B.           Shapes: star and triangle

C.           Letters: Gg and Hh

D.           Numbers: 3 and 4





I.      Feelings / Good Manners

     A.       Expressing feelings and emotions

     B.       Saying thank you, please, excuse me, etc.

     C.       Waiting for a turn

     D.       Sharing

II.   Music

III. Holidays

A.           New Year’s Day (closed)

B.           Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – January 15 (closed)

C.           Lunar New Year (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese) – January or February

IV.   Basics

A.           Colors: white, silver and blue

B.           Shape: rectangle

C.           Letters: Ii and Jj

D.           Numbers: 5 and 6




I.    Health, Hygiene & Personal Safety

     A.       How to stay healthy and not get sick

     B.       Personal hygiene

     C.       Earthquake safety, fire safety, etc.

II.   Holidays

A.           Groundhog’s Day – February 2

B.           Valentine’s Day – February 14

C.           Presidents Day – 3rd Monday (closed)

1.     Lincoln – February 12

2.    Washington – February 22

D.           Black History Month

E.           Leap Year Day – February 29

III. Basics

A.           Colors: red, pink and purple

B.           Shape: heart

C.           Letters: Kk and Ll

D.           Numbers: 7 and 8




I.        Food and Nutrition

A.   Food groups – Bread & cereal, meat, fruits & vegetables, dairy

B.    Developing good eating habits

II.    Spring Season – Nature

III.  Holidays

A.    Doll’s Day (Japanese) – March 3rd

B.    St. Patrick’s Day – March 17

C.    Easter (?)

IV.     Basics

A.   Colors: yellow and green

B.    Shape: shamrock

C.    Letters: Mm and Nn

D.   Numbers: 9 and 10





I.     Weather – Air, Wind and Water

A.   Why is it important?

B.    What is in the air/water?

1.     Rain, rainbows and clouds

2.    Sun, moon and stars

II.     Outer Space

III.  Place Words and Opposites

IV.     Holiday

A.       Easter (?)

V.       Basics

A.      Colors: blue and white

B.       Shapes: diamond and pentagon (5 sides)

C.        Letters: Oo, Pp and Qq

D.       Numbers: 11 and 12




I.        Farm

A.       Farm animals

B.       Farming

II.     Holidays

A.      May Day – May 1 (English)

1.        Tree worship (Maypole)

2.       Bring in the May (the gathering and giving of flowers)

B.       Lei Day – May 1 (Hawaiian)

1.       Make, display and wear leis.

C.       Cinco de Mayo – May 5 (Mexican)

1.        Celebrating the victory over the French army.

D.     Children’s Day – May 5 (Japanese)

        1.     Parents honor children

E.     Mother’s Day – second Sunday of May

        1.     Mother’s Day gifts

F.     Memorial Day – May 30

III. Basics

A.   Colors: mixing primary colors (red, yellow and blue) to make secondary colors (orange, green and purple)

B.    Shape: review - 2’s and 3’s ; hexagon (6 sides) – pre-K’s

C.    Letters: Rr and Ss

D.   Numbers: review – 2’s and 3’s; 13 and 14 – pre-K’s




I.        Transportation

A.   Our feet, cars, buses, trains, airplanes, boats, etc.

B.    Traffic safety

II.     Summer Season – Summer Solstice (June 20, 21 or 22)

III.  Holidays

A.       Flag Day – June 14

B.       Father’s Day – third Sunday of June

1.            Father’s Day gifts

IV.     Basics

A.       Colors: mixing white with colors to get pastels

B.       Shape: octagon – pre-K’s

C.        Letters: Tt, Uu and Vv

D.       Numbers: review – 2’s and 3’s; 15 and 16 – pre-K’s




I.        Animals

A.       Classifying animals – mammals, reptiles & amphibians, birds, arthropods, crustaceans, dinosaurs, etc.

B.       Habitats

II.     Olympics

III.  Holiday

A.       Independence Day – July 4th

B.       Bastille Day – July 14th

IV.     Basics

A.       Colors: review

B.       Shapes: trapezoid – pre-K’s

C.        Letters: Ww, Xx, Yy and Zz

D.       Numbers: review – 2’s and 3’s; 17 and 18 – pre-K’s




I.        Summer Fun

A.       Circus, clowns, etc.

B.       Summer safety – outdoor fun

C.        Nursery rhymes

D.       Hawaiian fun

II.     Basics

A.       Colors: review

B.       Shapes: review

C.        Letters: review

D.       Numbers: review – 2’s and 3’s; 19 and 20 – pre-K’s